Keo Kota is a totally new tepee hut, which is ideal for barbecuing, resting and spending time together.

Keo Kota´s hut has a very strong construction and can be used the whole year round.

Keo Kota’s hut has a  modern simplistic design and is produced from Finnish Spruce specially planed to a thickness of 30 mm.

The tepee has clean geometrical forms giving a unique impression and creating a comforting space.

Access to the hut is through a large door opening surrounded by 3 walls which give full protection from all weathers. Wrap around windows run systematically through the 3 walls  giving  a full panoramic view to the surrounding nature.

The base of the hut is 3x3 m with an internal height of 4 m, this guarantees good air circulation and draught for the fireplace. 3 benches surround the fireplace which can seat 9 people comfortably allowing them to enjoy the nice feeling of the fire protected from the outside weather.

Keo Kota hut comes as prefabricated segments, which are easy to assemble. The assembly should take only 2-3 hours and its possible to order an instruction video delivered with your hut.

It’s recommended to order the Keo Kota hut fully weather treated. The timber segments are submerged fully in a surface treatment liquid, this ensures that everything is covered properly and evenly for best weather protection.

Its simple to anchor the Keo Kota hut. Four anchoring stakes are sunk and levelled into the ground  onto which the four corners of the hut walls will be fixed.

For flooring we recommend roll-up mats from Naturalli because of their flexibility and easiness to fit.

Once the hut has been assembled the fireplace consisting of the Keo grill, its chimney and work surfaces can be installed, followed by the sitting benches.

Because the total area of the Keo Kota hut is less than 9 m2, most Finnish towns will not require any extra building or planning permission.

Keo Kota has a design protection in EU –countries.

The Keo Kota hut complete with it’s grill and benches is designed by interior architect Marco Lindh. Visit Studio Lindhs website here

Oy Studio Lindh Ab | Kattilavuorenkuja 8 | 02330 Espoo | +358 (0)50 5113931|studiolindh(at)kolumbus.fi